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[2S][Vietsub + Kara][Fanmade] Beautiful Stranger - U-Know YunHo

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~♥~ Happy Birthday Jung Yunho ~♥~

06/02/1986 - 06/02/2013

Mình là mình rất thích bài hát này, nhất là lời nhạc
Dịch lời bài hát với tất cả tâm trạng

Beautiful Stranger, I’ve fallen into your big eyes
To the mysterious feeling, the language, I open my heart
Beautiful stranger, people say that you’re dangerous
They don’t try to see the you that I see, no

You came from a different image, a different world
When you look at me as you extend your long hands
Take me to the place where you are

Beautiful stranger, an angel with a clear soul
The music that reaches through the tips of my hands, that music possesses my heart
Beautiful stranger, you are mysterious to them
They’re scared of you because they can’t understand, so they just push you away, no
Beautiful Stranger 

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Credit: Subbed by 2S Subbing Team
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